Have you ever wondered how fun it would be to have a NASCAR driver host his own radio show/podcast? Wonder no more, because one talented driver happens to have his own podcast. Parker Kligerman, who is unfortunately out of a ride right now (as a fan, it still makes me sad), started recording and producing his own  weekly podcast, named "Kickin' It With Kligerman" this year.  The 23 year-old driver records his podcast with his PR girl Monica HIlton, who has PR experience mainly in IndyCar, and just became his PR girl this year. To warn all of the readers out there: there may be a little bit of a  bias in my review of this podcast simply because I am a fan of Kligerman's. But either way, it is a great podcast that everyone who is a race fan should check out. 

Kligerman's original intent in doing this podcast was to help his popularity grow, and to be more connected to his fans. If you listen to his podcast, his goal to be more connected to his fans is being met. There has been no driver that has done this before. After getting out of their cars on Sunday, most drivers just want to get away from it all, and unless there is a breaking story, you won't hear from them again until Friday. Whenever you are listening to this podcast, it makes you feel like you are in a room with Kligerman, and  that you are listening to his side of the story about everything. It is refreshing to know that there is a driver out there who wants to do this. Also, since the inception of this podcast, the number of listeners have grown thanks to Performance Motorsports Network,, and at one point, had over 9000 downloads. This proves this podcast is worth a listen, and it's growing in popularity. 

This podcast might be almost an hour long, but it is far from boring. During this podcast, they discuss news stories from the racing world. The brilliant part is that they discuss all forays of racing, not just NASCAR, making it suitable for all racing fans. They go on from the news to the 'BS Segment", where they talk about mostly anything, while hilariously coming up with what 'BS' stands for (they said once that it was going to stand for "booty shaking").  They also have different guests on the show from the racing world. They have had a diverse range of guests, including Kyle Larson, rapper 50 Cent, AJ Allmendinger,  Kurt Busch, Simon Pagenaud, and last week, ELEVEN IndyCar drivers for it's Indy 500 edition. The best part about the guests is that they tell all kinds of great stories, and you get to see a different side to them when they aren't talking about racing, which is awesome. 

My favorite part of the podcast is when they get to answer the fan's questions. Before they start recording the podcast, they give fans an opportunity to submit a question via Twitter or Facebook, and encourage fans to make the questions as creative as possible. It's my favorite because not only do you get to interact with Kligerman, but you get to see a different side to him than the media shows. It is always awesome to get to know more about a NASCAR driver, and moreover, knowing that he wants to interact with the fans is always awesome. Kligerman and Hilton then go into my second favorite part of the podcast, which is the "What You Didn't See" segment. I love this section because they both give us their own behind-the-scenes accounts of a race, or an event they have done or attended. They both always have entertaining stories, so it is fun to hear. 

This podcast is one that should be listened to by any racing fan, or any fan of Kligerman's. Not only is it is always funny, but it is always informative, and interactive. I always enjoy hearing not only Kligerman's point of view of everything, but Hilton's, because of her IndyCar experience. I think that it is great that a NASCAR driver has taken his time to interact with his fans and to branch himself out there. That means a lot to all of the fans. I wish there were more drivers who did something like this. They constantly joke that this podcast is "the worst in the world", but it is far from it. 

If you want to listen and download the podcast, you can do this one of the following ways: 
-Download it from the iTunes store (search for Kickin' It WIth Kligerman)

--Visit Kligerman's website (http://www.parkerkligerman.net) and look under the News section 

--Listen to it live on Performance Motorsports Network,  Wednesdays 10 PM, Thursdays 1 PM, Fridays 9 PM, Saturdays 12 Noon, and  at Sundays 7 PM, at http://www.performancemotorsportsnetwork.com

You can also follow both Kligerman (@pkligerman) and Hilton (@the_race_gIRL), and Parker Kligerman Racing (@PKracing30), on Twitter, and Kligerman's Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/ParkerKligerman) to submit your questions and comments, and to get news on upcoming shows.