Hello Podium Finish Fans!
This is my first ever experience writing/contributing to a website, so bare with me.

I wanted my first article to be about sharing my history and passion in Motorsports.

My passion starts with my great-grandfather, Homer Cochran.  Homer Cochran was a business broker and race car driver in Indiana.  He was friends with Wilbur Shaw and one of his business acquaintances happened to be Tony Hulman. In the mid 1940s, Eddie Rickenbacker was looking for someone to purchase the disheveled Indianapolis Motor Speedway. So, in October 1945, my great-grandfather, along with Wilbur Shaw, met up with Tony Hulman and Eddie Rickenbacker to discuss a deal to buy the track. By early November, the deal was done. Tony Hulman had purchased the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in great part due to my great-grandfather.

My father shared this passion with Homer and has since shared it with myself and my mother. The three of us hold this undeniable bond when it comes to not only the Indianapolis Motor Speedway but racing in general. We travel to several Indy Car races around the mid-west. My father has been apart of several Indy Car teams in the past. The 3 of us became very close with Roger McCluskey Jr. and his family when he was a regular on the USAC Midget Car circuit in the late 90s. There were countless nights where we would push his mud-caked midget back to the trailor, wash tires, and wipe down the car. Ask of any of us now and we wouldn't trade those nights for anything. We have seen the ins and outs, ups and downs of what racing can be.

The torch has been passed down to me. Let me tell you, I carry it proudly and boldly. For approximately the last 4 years, I have been apart of a Fan Council that the IMS has developed. As a council, we meet in person and via teleconference, to discuss with the marketing department what we think the Speedway can do to engage more fans. There have been several ideas hashed out in that conference room that have come to fruition and used on the Speedway grounds. This past May, I was asked to be apart of a Youth Initiative for IMS. This focus group was comprised of individuals whose companies have a direct impact on our local youth. The Speedway has developed a game plan to engage more families and youth. The future success of Motorsports lies in the hands of our youth.

I have had the privilege of meeting a number of drivers and attending many race tracks. I have attended 15 consecutive Indy 500s, been to numerous Brickyard 400s, a couple of F1 races, and countless other IndyCar races.

What draws me to this sport is the passion, speed, and comradery.  I have the utmost respect for drivers, they risk their lives for my entertainment. I am a HUGE Indy Car fan. I don't have a favorite driver, I root for them all, but some more than others.

I hope through this experience I get the opportunity to share my love and passion for Indy Car with fellow open wheel fans!

Just sucks we have to wait until the first weekend of October for the next race!