Formula One raced in China this past Sunday and it was a pretty decent one. Before the green flag even waved, Mercedes lost the telemetry for Nico Rosberg’s car but were eventually able to help him through the race without it. Then, after a good start, Felipe Massa got into the side of Fernando Alonso, which almost took Alonso out. Adrian Sutil’s race ended early due to engine problems starting on the parade lap. Then, during his first pit stop, Massa and his team had issues with the left rear tire. On lap 20, Sebastian Vettel received team orders from Red Bull Racing to let his faster teammate Daniel Ricciardo through but it was tough luck for Ricciardo as Vettel refused to move over for several laps. Romain Grosjean became the second and final retirement of the race with gearbox problems on lap 27. In an odd turn of events, the checkered flag was waved a couple laps early and ended the race too soon. Lewis Hamilton came out on top for his third win in a row, with teammate Nico Rosberg in second and Fernando Alonso in third for his first podium of 2014. Ricciardo and Vettel rounded out the top five.

                I know a lot of people consider Vettel to be a cocky guy, especially after recent instances where he ignored team orders, but honestly I loved his response over the team radio when he was told to move over for Ricciardo. That is the classic line I love hearing from drivers and wasn’t something I was really expecting to hear from Vettel. I applaud him for saying “hell no” like that, to be honest. And I think part of it is he isn’t used to team orders. He was used to having Webber move over for him and being world champion four years in a row and now he’s being told to move over for Ricciardo two races in a row. That has to be a massive shock to Vettel.

                I kind of hope this season isn’t completely and totally dominated by Mercedes. It’s obviously good for them and I’m happy to see them do so well, but who likes a season where they know the winner before the weekend even starts? We all know how much everyone started to hate Vettel when he started winning all the time. Even Niki Lauda said he doesn’t want Mercedes to win all the races this season because then it’ll be bad for the sport and he works for the dang team (check it out here –> Honestly, I already want someone else to win besides Hamilton and we’re only four races in. Hopefully another team can make it work soon.