In NASCAR, you have your big time teams, such as Hendrick Motorsports, or Roush-Fenway Racing that get a lot of press time. Their teams work very hard to give their drivers the competitive edge. They are the teams who get a lot money to play around with, and their drivers have lucrative sponsorship. Then you have the smaller teams. Their team works just as hard as the big teams, and they have talented drivers at their helm. However, they don't have the big money to play around with, and therefore, are sadly overlooked a lot of times. This is a sad reality that shouldn't be true, especially for a small team out of Spartanburg, South Carolina, that works hard every day to make sure their driver has the best opportunity in the world to go racing. Along with the hard work that is given every day, they have the talent and marketability in one driver, and make sure you remember this name because one day, he will be big. His name is Jeremy Clements, and he will impress you from the time you meet him. 

Awesome Personality=Marketability 
"Jeremy is the nicest young man, and comes from a great family. He would  give anyone the shirt off of his back," says long time fan and family friend Chris Tincher. Jeremy has also been known to be very good to the fans and possess a very humble personality. Does that sound like any driver you know and a fan of? To me he reminds me of a young Carl Edwards (which I am biased because I am also a fan of both drivers). As you all know, Carl has parlayed that amazing personality of his into having some of the best sponsorship opportunities in NASCAR. Jeremy also possesses a lot of the same personality traits. If someone were to pick him up and give him the opportunity, he would be great representative of the brand.  Jeremy has also been involved with St. Jude's Hospital, and has represented them with class. Who wouldn't want someone who is very humble, great to fans, and overall a great young man representing their products? Jeremy has what it takes to be marketable in this sport. 

He is talented
Not only is this young man marketable beyond belief, but he can back all that up with his right foot. This past weekend, at Road America, he finished his career best of 6th place, which was huge for this small team. He also had a great qualifying effort as well, starting 13th in this race. He has also led laps this season (2 at Richmond,  and 1 at both Talladega and Charlotte). He has also had races where he has had not such good qualifying efforts, and he managed to finish a lot better than he qualified. This may not sound impressive, but to a small team like Jeremy's, it is really an accomplishment. Every little victory is a stepping stone for a smaller team and it shows that Jeremy is improving a lot and has the talent that is needed to thrive in this profession. He has proven time and time again that he has the talent that is needed to be in this business. 

He has a hard working team behind him
Jeremy drives for Jeremy Clements Racing, which is a small team that is owned and operated by his father Tony Clements.  Stacey Massel, who has assisted the team for a few years at the race track, knows how hard this team works. "Tony Clements is the best team owner there is. This team works very hard wih little funding .This team has seen some ups and many downs and no matter how hard it gets they get thru iit as a team.This is a family team and once you are a part of it you become their family," says Massel. Gary Ravan, who is a team member, shows how hard they work, " We are small in numbers but we get a lot done at the shop as well as the track." They proved how hard they worked last week by helping their talented driver secure the wonderful 6th place finish they received. If they can do that with a small amount of money, imagine what they could do if they were given more money and sponsorship! Any team that is willing to work this hard for their driver deserves so many amazing opportunities.

Jeremy and his team are the true representation of the values and characteristics of this sport. Not only does Jeremy and his team work hard, but they are also very appreciative of their fans and of every opportunity that is given to them. Jeremy Clements Racing also has a very talented driver at their helm, as it was proven this weekend at Road America. If this team were given more sponsorship and more funding opportunities, they would not only be appreciative of everything they are given, but they would parlay it into success. Therefore, this team should never be overlooked, but be given a chance to prove that it can shine amongst the big teams in NASCAR. No one would regret it for sure.