I will always remember where I was, what the weather was like outside, and what I felt on this day 2 years ago. 

October 16th will be a date that will forever and always stick in my mind and heart. 2 years ago, we lost a great racer, man, and father in Dan Wheldon. He was Mr. IndyCar. He always stopped to sign autographs, take pictures, or shoot the breeze with fans. I can personally attest to that. The picture posted with this article was taken in July 2011.  Dan was chosen as the honorary starter to start Nascar practice that day.  He had just gotten done with his duties when he was walking in Pagoda Plaza.  Not one person went up to him for a picture, an autograph, or even a high five. I was appalled. This man had just won the greatest race in the word and not one person had a clue who he was or even cared. So, without hesitation, I approached Dan. My dad and I shook his hand and congratulated him on his 2nd Indy win. He was so gracious and warm. He made it seem like he had all the time in the world for us. I am so lucky and thankful to have shared that little but special moment with him. With every lap that is turned this season and in future seasons, he will be greatly missed. This series is just not the same without Dan. #RIPLionheart