My name is Jessica and I'm a NASCAR fan. Like most, my roots to the sport run deep. I even have Dale Jr's 88 & signature on the back of my neck! I became a fan at the age of 4 or 5, during a family holiday dinner. While the older women were in the kitchen, and the younger kids were playing, my uncles put me in front of the TV with them. I don't remember much about the race we watched, but I was hooked. I began watching the races as often as I could (we didn't have cable) and fell in love with Dale Earnhardt pretty quickly. My love of NASCAR has always been pretty intense. I'm one of those people who will yell at the television for a wreck, throw things if my driver (Dale Jr) does poorly, or if someone I don't like, wins the race.

    I'm also a mom of two daughters. My husband and I (a Harvick fan) have been competing since their birth, to get them to root for our drivers. They've worked out a system to where they'll root for Kevin when I'm not around and root for Jr when their dad isn't around. It's definitely entertaining. My husband and I experienced our first race in 2007 at the Brickyard 400. The entire experience had us itching to go back & we've done so twice, at Michigan International Speedway, since then.

    Aside from being a NASCAR fan; I love football, reading, writing, activities with my family and I play darts on a Monday night league in town. I'm just an average woman, with a crazy passion for sports. In the future, I hope to be a regular contributor to The Podium Finish, with NASCAR stories for every fan! Until then, guys. Be well and be merry!