Formula 1 raced in Singapore on Sunday and man, was it awesome. After a close battle with Nico Rosberg, pole sitter Sebastian Vettel took off and had a nearly-two second lead by the end of the first lap. On lap 19, Nico Hulkenberg had to give the spot he gained on Sergio Perez because he left the track as he was passing Perez in an earlier battle. Six laps later, Daniel Riccardo went into the wall and brought out the safety car for a good amount of laps. On lap 36, Romain Grosjean started having car problems and was forced to retire from the race a few laps later because of it. And on lap 55, Paul di Resta brought out a local caution after hitting the wall. On the last lap of the race, Mark Webber’s bad luck streak continued as his car caught on fire. Thankfully, he was ok and caught a ride back to pit road with Fernando Alonso. Both received reprimands and as it’s Mark Webber’s third reprimand of the season, he will be given a 10-spot grid penalty in Korea. Sebastian Vettel eventually won by about 30 seconds. Fernando Alonso came in 2nd and Kimi Raikkonen came in 3rd. Lotus was eventually reprimanded because a pit crew member didn’t wear a helmet during a pit stop for Romain Grosjean.

                I really have to applaud Kimi Raikkonen for how well he drove on Sunday. He started 13th and pushed all the way to 3rd. That’d be an awesome feat on any given day. But on top of it, he had a sore back. Back in 2001, he got in a crash in testing with Sauber. He has had back trouble ever since. The back trouble kicked into high gear when his seat wasn’t attached properly in the first practice of the weekend. Those seats aren’t comfy, so racing for almost two hours as well as going from 13th to 3rd with a bad back is phenomenal.

                I love races where drivers are able to pass and fight for position without running into each other (that’s what make races so exciting for me), and that’s exactly what happened on Sunday. Pastor Maldonado, Nico Hulkenberg, Sergio Perez, and Esteban Gutierrez were going at it for a while in the beginning of the race and I LOVED watching it. The plot twist? They were battling for 11th. If the fight for 11th is exciting and no one goes flying into the wall from it, it’s a good race.

                Lastly, I have to applaud Alonso for picking up Webber and giving him a ride back after his car went up in flames. I’ve never seen the second-place finisher do something like that. Alonso now has my respect. I also hate to see the two of them get penalized for something I thought was pretty nice (and kinda cool). But I can understand why they received the reprimands, since two competitors had to swerve in order to not hit them. It put others’ safety at risk, and as I’ve said before on here, safety’s pretty important in motorsports.