Well, all good things must come to an end. This 2013 Izod IndyCar Series season has been one of the best I can remember. Since the installment of the DW12 chasis 2 years ago, the racing has been phenomenal, this season especially. From Hinchliffe's last turn pass around Sato to win Brazil, to TK's long time coming 500 win, to fast paced laps at Fontana last night, this season has been everything BUT predictable.  This seasons' championship wasn't decided until the last laps of the MAVTV500. Going into the season finale race, Scott Dixon was 25 points ahead of Helio Castroneves. This championship was everything but decided. But for IndyCar, that's par for the course. In the last 8 seasons, the IndyCar championship has come down to the last race. A lot of times, coming to the last lap, the last turn of the race.  Dixon won his 3rd championship, capping off a tumultuous season for Target.  Will Power won the race, giving him 3 wins for the season.  

Yes, it was an exciting end to a thrilling season, but I'm looking forward. This upcoming 2014 season will be great.  The new schedule was announced Thursday evening.  It's a more condensed schedule, starting on the streets of St. Pete March 30th and ending once again in Fontana August 30th.  The season is shorter in length but the same amount of races.  There's no Brazil or Baltimore race.  There's a chance that Brazil could slide in as a last minute addition.  This condensed schedule will help alleviate the awful down time the series has had between races in the past seasons.  One new addition I personally am looking forward to is the Grand Prix of Indianapolis slated for May 10th.  I think this race will really help kick start the month of May and create an even bigger buzz going into Memorial Day weekend for the Greatest Spectacle In Racing.

IndyCar fans, you may or may not like or agree with the new schedule and changes in the upcoming season. All I ask of you is, hold on.  Mark Miles has shown great leadership and compassion for helping grow this sport we love so much.  He has shown he cares about the series and wants it to grow and become relevant again.  There will be bumps along the road but I promise you this series is on the up swing.  We just have to be patient and supportive.  We're going to create our own "Glory Days."