Ryan Newman left Richmond International Raceway frustrated Saturday night. His sentiments were well founded after NASCAR officials decided not to punish Juan Pablo Montoya for intentionally wrecking him on Lap 237.

Montoya, who was multiple laps down, spun Newman around in Turn 3. Newman had been running in the Top 10 until this point but couldn’t completely recover from the accident and finished 20th.Montoya finished 29th.

The squabble stemmed from an accident on Lap 108. Newman clipped Montoya as the two were racing side by side.

It sent Montoya hard into the outside wall taking him out of contention for the rest of the night.

Reporters flocked to the No. 42 hauler after the race expecting an altercation between the two drivers after Newman radioed, “I’ll take care of this after the race.”

But Montoya kept mum and left Richmond quickly.

Newman, on the other hand, went straight to the NASCAR hauler, arriving there before Mike Helton.

He spent 20 minutes debating the issue with the NASCAR officials but the decision stuck to not penalize Montoya.

“I got a few answers,” Newman said. “I’m not really sure the direction it’s going to go, but I got a few answers.

“I’m just really disappointed in the way everything played out. I was obviously crashed, unintentionally the first time and intentionally the second. It’s just unfortunate and we’ll see what happens.”

Newman dropped to eighth in the Sprint Cup standings while Montoya lost three positions and sits at 12th.

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