NASCAR. The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing. A lot of people have no idea what the fascinating story behind it is. The idea of NASCAR all started in 1947. William Henry Getty France, aka, Big Bill France, brought a group of racing promoters, drivers, and mechanics together to make the dream of creating a stock car racing organization a reality. Everything and everyone has a history and the story of NASCAR is one that deserves to be told.

        NASCAR all started during prohibition in the United States. Even though prohibition took place from the years 1920-1933, it still had an extreme impact on the idea behind the sport.

        The story starts in the winding hills and mountains of North Carolina, NASCAR's capitol. "Bootleggers" or "People who unlawfully made, sold, or transported alcoholic liquor" (, would illegally be carrying moonshine in their cars. Most of the time, they would be chased by the police, so they would have to modify their cars to make them faster. They were called stock cars.

        Everyone who did it found it fun and exciting. In a way, they made a habit out of it. When prohibition ended, there was no reason to drive that way anymore. They started racing each other, and decided to take it to the track. Therefore, NASCAR was born.

        Every race and season new records are made and broken. Every day NASCAR adds something to their history and sticks to their roots. Hopefully you learned something new about the sport we all know and love. NASCAR.