It is clear that the inception of social media has not only changed our daily lives, but how NASCAR drivers interact with their fans. It used to be that in order to interact and hear from your favorite driver, you had one option: to actually meet them yourself. But today, all you have to do is log onto Facebook and Twitter to see what is up with your driver. Not all drivers are on social media (hint hint Carl Edwards and Tony Stewart), but there are drivers that are worth your time to follow. This article is a guide as to who you should follow on both Twitter and Facebook, and other outlets, based on who interacts with his/her fans the best, and has the most interesting posts. Warning: your ribs may be sore after discovering a few of these. 

Brad Keselowski (Twitter: @keselowski, 
This is the man who is infamous for tweeting during the fiery 2012 Daytona 500. During the red flag to clean the damage sustained from Juan Pablo Montoya's infamous fiery crash into a jet dryer, Keselowski decided to make the most of it and post funny pictures and other hilarious updates. That lead him to get a ton more followers since then. He enjoys every moment that he gets to interact with his fans so much that last year, he re-launched his official website to be more fan friendly. Keselowski allows fans to post stories and upload photos about experiences the fans may have had with him. He has even been crafting his own insightful blogs. So if you love an interesting perspective of a NASCAR driver, follow him, and log onto his website. You will not be disappointed, whether you are a fan of his or not. 

Kevin Harvick (Twitter: @KevinHarvick; Facebook: Kevin Harvick; Instagram: KevinHarvick) 
Although he is known as being a tough guy on the track, fans will be surprised to see that Kevin Harvick has a much softer side, especially when it comes to his son Keelan. You will laugh and smile as you watch see the videos and pictures of this little ham. Keelan never has a dull moment, and neither will you when you check out out his social media sites. There is a recent video of a prank that he pulled off that will have your sides sore from laughing so hard. If you love seeing cute baby videos/pictures and a good prank, please follow Kevin Harvick. 

Clint Bowyer (Twitter: @ClintBowyer) 
This man never has a dull moment. This is why it is important that you follow this man on Twitter - NOW. Clint Bowyer is one of the funniest NASCAR drivers ever. His tweets will have you rolling on the floor laughing as well. Despite all the controversy he has been though in the past year, he still takes things in stride and cracks all the jokes he can. This guy is proof that you can have fun living out your dreams! 

Dale Earnhardt Jr. (Twitter: @DaleJr) 
We never thought that we would even see Dale Earnhardt Jr. get his own Twitter account. He promised us that if he won the Daytona 500, that he would finally join Twitter. That must have given him a good omen because he did end up winning the Daytona 500. True to his word, he has joined Twitter, and has been really awesome about keeping it up. Junior is known to be one of the most reserved drivers on track, keeping quiet about his personal life. But on Twitter, he is also one of the funniest guys you will ever meet. I am sure that I don't really have to sell you on this one, as he has over 659,000 followers. 

Samantha Busch (Twitter: @SamanthaBusch, Facebook: Samantha Busch, Instagram: SamanthaBusch) 
Samantha Busch is not a driver, but she is married to one of NASCAR's top drivers, as we all know as Kyle Busch. While Kyle Busch has always had the bad boy image on the track, Samantha always shows us that there is a sweet and romantic side to him. For the ladies, she also has great fashion and fitness tips. So if you want to rock her style, or see that Kyle Busch is truly a nice guy, be sure to follow her. 

Parker Kligerman (Twitter: @pkligerman, Facebook: ParkerKligerman, Instagram: pkligerman, YouTube: Parker Kligerman) 
Although he is currently out of a ride, that doesn't mean that this young man is sitting around the house. He still out there living his life, and we get to see every hilarious moment of it. Not only will you laugh at all of his tweets, but you will enjoy listening to his podcasts and watching all of his YouTube videos. He also writes for Jalopnik, and all of his blog posts are very insightful, funny, and entertaining to say the least. More importantly, he always interacts with his fans, and replies to their tweets, which is a plus! Who wouldn't want to follow someone who is funny and fan friendly? 

Ryan Blaney ( Twitter: @RyanBlaney22; Instagram:ryanblaney10) 
The son of veteran driver Dave Blaney, Ryan Blaney is making his own name in the NASCAR world. Not only is he a great driver, but he has a wonderful personality as well. And it always shows on Twitter. Blaney may look serious on the track, but he is a goofball in real life. You will see goofy pictures and all of the good times he shares with his NASCAR BFF Darrell Wallace, Jr.(follow him too at @BubbaWallace), and his sisters Erin and Emma (you should also follow these ladies too because they are funny too). He has a ton of dry humor that will keep you laughing and wanting to read more. He also does a really great job interacting with all of his fans on Twitter, which will make you want to follow him all the more. 

These are the drivers/personalities who are worth a follow on Twitter. I am sure there are a lot more that I missed, so if you have a favorite NASCAR driver/personality that you believe is worth a follow, be sure to let us know who it is and why you think they are worth a follow! Social media has really shown us that there is more to these drivers than their racing!