As we all know, it is very expensive to be competitive in NASCAR. According to a report that was put out by Tripp Mickle a couple of months ago, the average race team spends $1.5 million a race weekend. With the rising cost in tickets being a contributing factor in low race attendances, it's proof that this sport is becoming pricey. One small team, Jeremy Clements Racing, is seeking help from it's fans and others in helping with the costs by holding a fundraiser.  The fundraiser will hopefully help in giving the team the resources they need in being successful. 

So far, with only 14 days left, the team has raised $4,800. Their goal is to raise $50,000, which would help the team out tremendously. Fans can donate anywhere between $10, and $10,000. If fans donate at least $25, their name will be featured on the car. People who donate at the higher level could such perks as pit passes. Not only will the driver get rewarded by these donations, but the fans will as well. So it would be win-win for everyone. 

Clements, who hopes to eventually compete in the Sprint Cup series, is currently 15th in Nationwide Series points, which is great for a small team. Clements has already proven that he has the talent to be competitive in the higher series. 

To donate, visit From there, you can select which amount you would like to donate, and ultimately, give this team what it needs to be successful. There are only 14 more days until this campaign ends. Hopefully, these donations will help this small team out.