For a small-time team, running a race at Daytona can be both exciting and scary at the same time. For one, Daytona is one of the most revered race tracks in the circuit. But it can also be known to be daunting, especially when a racer gets caught up in a wreck here. But for Jeremy Clements and his team last night, they proved that they could handle whatever Daytona threw at them. Jeremy avoided all the wrecks and worked his way up to a top ten finish, finishing 8th. This follows up his strong 8th place finish at Road America two weeks ago. Not only did he finish 8th last night, but his consistent finishes has helped him secure a spot in the Nationwide "Dash 4 Cash" contest. This proves that this kid needs to be one of the drivers to watch. 

This season has proven to be great for this small team, and it's getting better. In the past 5 Nationwide races, Clements has managed to secure two top twenty finishes, and two top ten finishes. This may seem small, but for a small team that is trying to secure sponsorship such as Jeremy Clements Racing, this is a huge victory. These statistics show that even though Clements comes from a small underfunded team, he can make the best of what he has. And so can his team, who has built him some great cars. 

Not only has Clements finished solidly these last 5 races, he qualified for the Nationwide "Dash 4 Cash" contest. Elliot Sadler once said that being in this contest helps your team out tremendously, especially if you finish well. Since Clements was one of the top four finishers among the Nationwide regulars last night, he qualifies to be eligible for the contest. So next week at New Hampshire, whoever finishes the highest out of the four drivers will get  a $100,000 bonus, which is an excellent amount of money for a Nationwide driver and their team. If Clements finishes the highest out of theses drivers, this could be huge for him and his team, and could bring attention to some sponsors, which he is in need of right now. 

This team has proven that they have the talent that is needed to do well in this series. This goes to show that you never count out the small teams, because they are often the ones who can have the greatest victories. And for Clements, his momentum has proven to be his greatest victory.