On Sunday, Formula 1 visited Abu Dhabi for the annual race at Yas Marina circuit, and it was a fun one. While four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel took off right at the start, Kimi Raikkonen had to start last after failing post-qualifying tech and was then forced to retire on the first lap since his right suspension broke after making contact with a Caterham in the first corner. Sadly, Lewis Hamilton had a bad weekend as well when he lost a lot of time throughout the race for vibrations and brake issues. With 11 laps left in the race, Fernando Alonso rejoined the race next to Felipe Massa and Jean-Eric Vergne. Alonso then passed Vergne after being forced off the track and jumping over the curbs but did not receive a penalty for it post-race. Sebastian Vettel went on to win the race by a margin of roughly 30 seconds and do some more donuts, with teammate Mark Webber in 2nd and Nico Rosberg in 3rd.

                I’m so disappointed about how the weekend went for Kimi Raikkonen. I think that’s the biggest train wreck of a weekend I’ve seen for him. He had a great qualy result before having to start from the rear because of failing post-qualifying tech (he was supposed to start somewhere around 5th). That’s so sad and kinda upsetting. And then to see him knocked out of the race so early put the cherry on top of the crummy weekend for him. He could have had a spectacular weekend, even with starting way in the back like he did. And then it all went poof with the retirement in the first turn of the first lap. ARGH.

                Two words about Sebastian Vettel’s performance – Holy shit. He gave the rest of the field an absolute clinic. Wow. Just….Wow. I think “The Vettel Show” is, in fact, an appropriate name for that. Holy man, what an absolutely stunning drive from Vettel. There’s a reason this guy’s been champion for 4 years now. It’s because he’s got stunning talent. This race was the prime example of that. A mega congratulations goes out to him and Red Bull Racing for being able to put on the Vettel Show as much as they do and for an amazing race this weekend.