Today, more rumors regarding Carl Edwards' future surfaced today. Several sources have indicated that Edwards may make the move to Joe Gibbs Racing, and that M&M's, which has sponsored Kyle Busch for the past few years, will become Edwards' sponsor. With that said, these are all just rumors, and we must wait for an official announcement from Edwards himself. While the majority of his fan base have already stated that they will follow him to another team if it is necessary, a few cannot bear the fact that he will be leaving Roush Fenway Racing and Ford, therefore, stating that they cannot be a fan of his anymore. While this is certainly their decision, I want to explain the reasons why I am not going anywhere, and why it may be a good thing for him to change. 

I became a fan of Edwards in 2011, after I saw how gracious he was during a post-race interview. I loved how respectful he was by taking off his trademark Wiley X sunglasses during the interview, and how no matter what, he was happy to be racing. I saw that that was an attitude that very few drivers possessed, and from then on, I became his fan. Even when he lost the championship in 2011 by a slim margin, he still head his head high and was the first one to congratulate Tony Stewart. He didn't whine and cry about it. He was a man and continued to talk about how lucky he was to be racing and to have the support of his fans, Jack Roush, and others. I love how that no matter what, there is no bringing him down. That positive attitude is what made me a fan to begin with. 

Not only does he possess a very positive attitude, but he is always gracious and grateful to his fans. He is always willing to sign anything that has the number 99 on it, and he always thanks his fans for supporting him. I have yet to meet Edwards, but based on a lot of fans that I know and am friends with, he is superior when it comes to the fans. He stands there and talks to his fans and takes his time with the people who support him the most. He is also gracious towards the other competitors as well. During last year's Daytona 500 qualifying session, he helped Brian Keselowski with his car when it wouldn't start. He helped Keselowski's team push the car so it would start. He always helps his own crew out when needed as well. This man is there for others when it counts, and that's amazing. 

Edwards is also an amazing talent behind the wheel. He has 22 career Sprint Cup wins, and if it wasn't for the how the points system was, he could have been the 2011 Sprint Cup Champion.  However, in the last 3 years, he has only won about 3 races, and a few of those races he could have won, if it wasn't for bad luck and equipment. I think that changing teams may be a good thing for him because it may give him the momentum that he was needing. We have seen what good change has done for drivers  Matt Kenseth and Kevin Harvick. They have shown when given different equipment, they can go out there and win. I think the same can be said for Edwards as well. 

As a fan, Edwards' attitude is one of the best, if not the best in the garage. Both on and off the camera, he proves to be the same affable, gracious, and even at times goofy human being that he has always been. He is a talented driver that could benefit from change. Because he is the best to fans, I will always support this man. He has never betrayed any of his fans, so how can we do the same to him! Carl, if you read this, just know that you need to do the best thing for yourself and that no matter what, your fans will support you!